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Important Farm Updates: COVID-19

November 23, 2020

Important Farm Updates

**Written Transcript for September 23 Update Not Yet Available

See written transcript below.

We would like to address a few things as we continue to adapt to the current situation.

1. Our Store Selection

In response to the sudden influx of orders and demand, we will reconfigure bundles as needed. This is to ensure product availability and increase packing efficiency as we seek to meet the most people's needs.

2. Customer Service

We absolutely love hearing from you and greatly value the ability to connect with you 1:1, but we ask that you grant us a little extra time, 1 - 2 days, to respond. There has been a great influx of orders, questions, and communication needs. Our family farm team is working hard to address them all, as quickly as we can.We truly appreciate your patience as we work through this together!

3. Egg Carton Returns

Due to virus concerns, we are no longer accepting old egg cartons, bags, or other delivery materials. 

4. Home Delivery and Other Drop Spots

We are no longer executing our Madison and Milwaukee area deliveries. Please refer to home delivery via FedEx or on farm pick up to receive our pasture raised meats. Eggs are not available for home delivery.

Delivering exceptional quality is our priority. We are working hard to ensure all orders arrive safely this holiday season by using extra gel packs and package insulation. Our normal 1 day shipping may be delayed during the peak busy season, so we encourage holiday orders be placed early. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Orders picked up on the farm receive discounted pricing.

5. On Farm Pick Up

We wear masks during our no contact pick up on the farm to keep you and ourselves, safe. On farm orders receive discounted pricing.

Thank you. Please contact us with any questions at


Happy 4th of July Weekend + a Farm Update

Video Transcript

(Jen) Hey everybody, It’s Jen and Bryce here at Riemer Family Farm. We just wanted to check in with you and wanted to give you a little update on what’s going on at the farm and what’s going on with our shipping program and give you the latest COVID update. 

We’re still following all the protocols that we were before with, wearing masks, gloves, and making sure that your food stays safe before it gets to you. We have our nice drive-up pickup on-farm on Thursday evenings. We also have our Fed-Ex one-day shipping which I’ll talk a little bit more about in a minute. Bryce is going to give you a quick update on the animals.

(Bryce) Busy time of year, we have a lot of things growing right here, we have cover crops growing - the green stuff here - coming up really well. That’ll be animal feed that we’ll bail for this winter. Beyond that, out by that wagon, you can see those white dots, that’s the sheep out there grazing. And the wagons are for shade. All of us are struggling with the heat right now - the animals all have shade so that gives sheep shade. Up by that green tank, our meat chickens are moving up the pasture. Their pens have partial roofs on them for shade. Over there by that tractor there, you can see that black roof, that is the egg laying enterprise. That black roof is a shade tarp that keeps the chickens cool when they go in there.  And over past Jen you can see that white roof and feeder, that’s where our pigs are out in the grass, so they can go into that shelter to get out of the sun. 

(Jen) And our cattle are out on our other 128 acres.

(Bryce) Yeah, so not all of our animals are in one field.

(Jen) So the cattle are the only ones not in this field. And we have little baby turkeys in the brooder, they’re almost a week old. So they start in the brooder cause they need to heat lamps and extra care for the first few weeks of their lives. And they will move into the pasture pens where the chickens currently are, and then ultimately into a different kind of pens and a day-range model, which we will talk about a little bit later, in a different video. I wanted to let you know exciting news - we’re launching a new value bundle for folks to purchase. We know that budgets are tight in this time, and a lot of families are become one-income families, or things are just different right now, so we are launching a new, really like no-frills value bundle that has a really great discount price with all of the basics: ground meat and some breakfast sausage products, and such. You’ll want to check that out.

Free shipping on every order 165 dollars or over. There is a minimum number of 85 dollars for shipping just to make sure there is enough cold frozen meat in the package - we’re using extra ice packs now for really hot weeks like this. We just sent out a bunch of boxes on a FedEx truck this afternoon, and they’ve been delivering on time, they come the very next day to your doorstep in really good shape. We’ve been super pleased with how FedEx has been working with us, and getting meat frozen to you quickly. So please give it a try if you haven’t already, and check out our new bundle if you are a returning customer.

(Bryce) You can still buy fish from us.

(Jen) People can still buy fish from us, yes!

We did a big fish launch a couple weeks ago that was super, super popular. So we still have the salmon, and the sablefish, and the pollock. We don’t have those big, value bundles that were special for that one weekend. Those might return later. But yes, you can still buy some great seafood - Alaskan, wild caught, sustainable. Our fisherman is actually up there right now catching the fish that we’ll be able to sell in the fall. So yeah, check out the fish.

(Bryce) Thanks everybody, we appreciate your support, and have a great 4th of July holiday!

If you have any questions, email us at or comment below!

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