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11 Ideas for Cozy Winter Dinners

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January 12, 2023

These overcast winter days have me craving all sorts of comfort foods. If you're looking for a little inspiration of what to make for dinner these days, try some of these simple, but tasty classics.

  1. Macaroni and Cheese - Perfect as a stand alone main dish made in a slow cooker with bacon or as a side dish to chili, hot dogs, ring bologna, pulled pork, bbq chicken, etc.
  2. Loaded Baked Potatoes - This is especially perfect for families with lots of mouths to feed! Roast your potatoes in the oven and serve with DIY toppings. Cheese and sour cream, chicken or bacon for protein, chives, salsa, and parsley for seasoning, and of course, salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Simple Stir Fry - Sometimes, a dish beaming with vegetables and zangy flavors can really brighten things up! A simple stir fry with chicken, beef, or pork, grilled peppers, onions, beans, and peas, topped with your favorite sauce and served a top a bed of rice is the perfect way to end the day.
  4. Chicken Noodle Soup or Chili - Classic winter favorites for so many reasons. Find your favorite recipe and serve it up! We recommend this turkey and wild rice soup, as well. Try making your own crackers to serve with the soup - it's easier than you think and very delicious!
  5. Pulled Pork - A year round favorite. Set it in the slow cooker on low for 8 hours with your favorite BBQ sauce and walk away. Come back to fall apart, fork tender, flavorful BBQ. Recipe here. Serve it up with macaroni, cole slaw, etc.
  6. Classic Beef Roast - An oven roasted rump roast or slow cooked sirloin tip roast is the perfect way to enjoy an elegant evening dinner. Serve with roasted potatoes and carrots and you're set. :) A simple roast chicken is always nice, too!
  7. Lasagna - Another timeless classic. Layers of cheese, pasta, meat, and marinara sauce baked to perfection: yes, please! Or try a twist and skip the marinara sauce and ground beef/pork for chicken and alfredo sauce instead.
  8. T-bone Steak or Pork Chops - Easy, simple, delicious, nourishing. Sear up your favorite steak or pork chops in butter, seasoned with salt and pepper, then serve alongside salad and/or roasted vegetables and potatoes. Yum!
  9. Cheesy Brats - We often think of brats as a summer food, but have you ever had a cheesy brat in the winter? It's a game changer! If you don't want to grill in the cold, try making them on the stovetop. Boil them in water for a few minutes until cooked through, then finish them off with a sear on each side. Try jalapeno cheddar brats for some extra heat.
  10. Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich - Served alongside tomato soup, can you go wrong? There's nothing like grilled ham and cheese on a cold winter's day!
  11. Breakfast - I'm a sucker for breakfast any time of the day. Why not have bacon and pancakes for supper? Or egg bake with sausage or ham? Nourishing comfort food at its finest!

Hopefully that provides a little bit of inspiration for you on these cold, wintry days. Enjoy!

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