Gift Cards, the Gift of Good Meat

November 19, 2018

What better gift to give this season than good, quality meat? Show your friends and family the love with our Riemer Family Farm gift cards. Learn how to purchase, share, and redeem them here and share the love of a good meal (without having to cook it) with your loved ones.

1.Shop in our store for the card you want under the section, Gift Cards. Select the amount of the different cards you want, then add them to your cart.


2. Add any other items you're interested in shopping for, then go to checkout. It'll take you to the screen below, where you can select "Place Your Order".


3. When you place your order, you'll receive a confirmation email. This is an automatically generated email detailing pick up information - please note - gift cards are for online purchases only and there is no physical card to receive. Instead, you can find the information you need to gift your Gift Card under your account at the top left of the screen.


4. Select Order History to find the order you placed containing the gift card. When you select that order number, you will find your gift card code listed under "Item", as seen below.


5. Copy and paste this Gift Card code in an email or message to share it with your lucky friend or family who will be receiving it! From there, all they need to do is redeem it to their account right away by copying and pasting the code so it doesn't get lost or forgotten in their own account as seen below.


**Or if they plan to use it right away, they can just apply the coupon code here, at the checkout screen. But if they redeem it to their account right away (as pictured above), they need not worry about losing the code. The credit will automatically be applied to their next purchase and will not expire.


Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask! Send us an email at or send us a text/call at 920-238-1505. Thank you!

Please note:

These gift cards are valid for online purchases ONLY. If you would like one of our old, in person gift cards for use on farm and at Woodstock Market, please contact us directly. Thank you!

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