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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are you certified organic?

A: No, our pastures and feed are not certified organic. Instead, we manage our farm by regenerative principles, which means we go beyond just eliminating things, and instead move toward actively creating healthier food, starting with the soil. Similar to organic, we do not use hormones, synthetic chemicals, steroids, or antibiotics. You can learn more about regenerative agriculture in this video.

Q: How do you raise your animals? Are they free range and pasture raised?

A: Absolutely. We're very proud of our farming practices and are grateful to be asked about them. Honesty and transparency are top values of ours and we are happy to share more about our animal care principles with you. You can review our managing principles here.

Q: Do I have to buy a full 1/4 or 1/2 animal? Or can I buy by the piece?

A: We offer our quality meat by the piece to make shopping for your family's needs, easy. If you'd like to purchase a bulk amount of meat, please see our Very Best of Bundles Collection Here. We do not offer custom 1/4 or 1/2s, but do offer pre-assembled bundles that offer a similar variety and savings here.

Q: How can I receive your products?

A: We offer pick up on farm every week. We also offer home delivery via 1 day ground. You can see if your zip code qualifies here.

Q: How can I feed my family responsibly raised, healthy meats while on a budget?

A: We hear you! The best way to save is by taking advantage of our sale items and bundles. Keep an eye on your inbox (check your Promotions folder) - we mark a variety items on special throughout the year in our monthly newsletters.

Q: What if my package is lost during delivery or the meat arrives thawed?

A: We guarantee that products will arrive cold and safe. Thawing may occur, but does not compromise the quality of the product as long as it is still cold to the touch. While the occasion that something goes awry during the home delivery process is rare (less than 1% in our experience), we will always take the time to communicate with you and make wrongs, right. With honest and open communication between us and you, we can easily achieve this. You can review our full Return Policy here.

Q: Do you ship to the coast? East, West, or South?

A: We do not ship beyond our 1 day ground zone at this time. Find all details regarding home delivery here.

Q: What do I do with my shipping packaging?

A: There are many ways to reuse shipping packaging, including returning undamaged materials to us. Read more about how to return items and other uses for shipping materials here.

Q: The beef sticks, salami, and ham say Uncured. Do I have to cook them?

A: Our beef sticks, ham, and bacon are all cured without synthetic nitrates. Instead, our processor uses naturally occurring nitrates from celery juice or swiss chard powder, so they are labeled as "uncured". Beef sticks and ham sandwich slices do not need to be cooked. Because they do not contain preservatives, we do recommend they be refrigerated and used within a week for best quality.

Q: Are your sausages MSG and gluten free?

A: Yes, all of our sausage products (turkey, pork, and beef) are made with spices that do not contain any MSG or gluten. Our straight cuts (roasts, steaks, ground, chops, etc.) do not contain any additives of any kind.

Q: Can we tour your farm?

A: We believe in transparency and would love to have you and your family out to the farm. Please contact us for pricing and details regarding tour options at

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