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The Very Best of Bundles

Designed with convenience and variety in mind to restock your freezer and feed your family.

Spring Savings Box

Great variety, ships free
$26.80 savings
$191.80 $165.00

Big Ocean Box

Featuring 17 portions - Best Variety
$28.85 savings
$193.85 $165.00

Salmon Suite Box

Featuring 16 portions
$29.80 savings
$158.80 $129.00

Surf n Turf Box

7 Portions + 7 Steaks
$34.30 savings
$199.30 $165.00

Best of the Farm Box

Sample the farm's best cuts!
$45.87 savings
$210.87 $165.00

Lamb Sampler Box

9 pounds
$48.60 savings
$247.60 $199.00

Beef Sampler Box

30 pounds
$56.77 savings
$345.77 $289.00

Pork Sampler Box

Ultimate Variety, 20 pounds
$49.30 savings
$238.30 $189.00
Our bundles makes it easier to get what you want all at once. Sampler bundles are a great way to try the essentials, and our other bundles are a great way to re-stock your freezer with your favorites!