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Pork Sampler Box

Pork Sampler Box

Ultimate Variety, 20 pounds
Best Variety
$49.30 savings
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All of the best of our pork collection in one convenient bundle! Save nearly $50 over retail!

***Contents may vary slightly based on individual product availability***

1 Package of Pork Loin Chops (2 per package)

1 Package of Pork Rib Chops (2 per package)

1 Package of Butterfly Chops (2 per package)

2 Packages of Bacon (1 pound packages)

1 Package of Thick Cut Bacon

1 Package of Ham Sandwich Slices

1 Package of Spare Ribs

1 Package of Country Style Ribs

1 Shoulder Roast

1 Loin Roast

1 Package of Bulk Italian Sausage

1 Package of Breakfast Links (10 links per package)

1 Package of Original Brats (4 brats per package)

1 Package of Ground Pork