Bulk Order Options

Equivalent to Quarters, Halves, and Wholes

Quarters, Halves, and Wholes

Our farm got its start selling quarter, halves, and wholes of beef and pork. People loved it! Not only did they receive top quality beef and pork from a farming family they knew and trusted, but they also filled their freezer and saved money doing it. 

Since then, we have expanded and grown into our current system selling individual cuts and bundles. However, we recognize that people still want the options to buy big at once and save. In order to accommodate that, we've developed equivalent bundle options to those traditional quarters, halves, and wholes. 

Our new bundles now make it simpler and easier for you to fill your freezer, while still saving money and receiving exceptional flavor and variety. Take a look below - we offer money saving, freezer stocking options for beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.

√ Maximum variety 

√ Exceptional flavor

√ Premium cuts included (steaks, chops, and more)

√ Save money and time between orders/deliveries

If you're looking for a diverse, money saving bundle option, but don't have the freezer space to take it all at once, consider exploring one of our CSA options. This way, you will receive 10 or 20 pounds of diverse cuts over 6 back to back deliveries, instead. That way, you save money and freezer space.

    Bulk 100% Grass-fed Beef

    We are currently sold out - but will be restocked soon!

    1/2 Beef

    $1,420.00/ea (180 pounds)
    Sale 1/2 Beef

    1/4 Beef

    $750.00/ea (90 pounds)
    Sale 1/4 Beef

    1/8 Beef

    $394.00/ea (45 pounds)
    Sale 1/8 Beef

    Check out our smaller beef bundle options, ranging from 10 to 30 pounds.

    Bulk Heritage Pork

    Check out our smaller pork bundle options, ranging from 10 to 45 pounds.

    Bulk 100% Grass Fed Lamb

    Half Lamb

    $180.00/ea (15 pounds)
    Sale Half Lamb

    Whole Lamb

    $360.00/ea (30 pounds)
    Sale Whole Lamb

    Bulk Pastured Chicken

    Whole Chicken Flock

    $150.00/ea (Pasture raised, 40 lbs)
    Customer Favorite Whole Chicken Flock