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You do what you do! We'll automatically generate your next order for you. It'll default to be a repeat of your last order, however, you can customize it however you like, or skip it. Watch for the reminder text/email that sends 3 days before the deadline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits? Enjoy the convenience of your favorite meats delivered automatically at your preferred frequency. Plus, when you subscribe and save, you save 5% on your order every time and be eligible to win our monthly subscribe & save giveaway prizes worth up to $30.

How is it different than a 1 time order? When you subscribe and save, we will automatically generate your next order for you. We'll send you a reminder via text and email so you can make any changes to the order that you'd like (including skipping if needed) and from there, we'll pack and send it to you. This is different from non subscription orders, where you have to create your next order on your own, and you will not receive 5% savings, nor be eligible to receive any of our monthly giveaway freebies.

How much does it cost to join? Nothing! In fact, you'll save 5% on your order every time and have a chance at winning up to $30 worth of freebies.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? Yes. If you decide subscribe and save isn't the right fit for you, simply go to your account to cancel.

What if I want to change my order every time? Yes, you can customize your order every time. Simply change what's in your cart before the next order deadline and we'll send a confirmation email. Your cart will actually update between orders as you make changes, so even if your order doesn't ship for another two weeks, but you remember now that you want to order bacon, you can add it to your cart and it will be there when we send your text/email reminder.

Can I skip an order? Yes, you can skip an order anytime.

Can I get my order sooner? Yes. You can choose to receive your order earlier (or later) as our shipping dates allow.

What if I choose the wrong frequency for my family's needs? You can change your order frequency at anytime.

How often do orders come? You get to choose your preferred frequency of: Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, Monthly, or Every 2 Months

How will I know when my next order is coming? We'll send an email and text reminder 3 days before your next order deadline.

Do shipping fees and minimums still apply? Yes. We still require an $85 order minimum to ship for home delivery. We charge a flat $15 shipping fee on all orders up to $165 in value. Orders $165+ receive free shipping every time! Farm pick up has no minimum and no delivery fee.

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