Our Farm

We are the third generation of the Riemer family to farm this land in South Central Wisconsin.

Our Animals

All of our animals are raised without antibiotics, steroids, hormones or animal byproducts. Our animals are rotationally grazed on pasture in season. Our animals are raised humanely and we ensure that they always have access to the outdoors, even in the off season. 


We believe happy, healthy animals result in healthy, delicious meat. Our non-GMO ration feed comes from our local, hometown mill and all of our meat is processed at local, family-owned butcher shops.

Our Land

We pride ourselves on practicing sustainability so that this land can be viable for generations to come. We rotationally graze our animals and practice no till. Cover crops help us to build and retain the soil, to prevent erosion. 


We believe that healthy, nutrient dense food is the result of caring for not only the animals but for the land that sustains them, starting with the soil.

Our Customers

We believe in transparency and would love to show you around. Customers are always welcome to visit our farm! Contact us for more information on open house events and tour options. See our homepage for current on farm store hours.

Our Team

Meet the people who come together to make it all happen.

  • Bryce, Jen, Elli, Kalena, and Caroline Riemer
    Bryce, Jen, Elli, Kalena, and Caroline Riemer
    The Riemer Family Farm 3rd and 4th Generations
  • Kathy and Loren Riemer
    Kathy and Loren Riemer
    Riemer Family Farm 2nd Generation
  • Tina Herrera
    Tina Herrera
    Marketing and Distribution
  • Anastasia
    Marketing and Outreach