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Thanksgiving Turkey Harvest 2019

Thanksgiving Turkeys are NOW available! 

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Did you know? Only male turkeys gobble.

Feeding Your Family Healthy, Well Raised Meat 

Shouldn't be Hard

Are you frustrated by constant supermarket recalls? 

Tired of questioning whether food is safe for your kids to eat? 

Sick of wondering what that label really means?

Take control of your family's health and happiness!

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Raised with care for the land, animals, and you - our meat creates more than just a meal.

Pick up available in Milwaukee, Madison, and Woodstock Areas

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"The most flavorful ground beef and chicken we’ve ever tasted! Great to know where it comes from and how it’s raised. They care about their animals, land AND customers. So glad we found the Riemer Family Farm at the Woodstock Farmers Market!"

 - From Emily Dunthorn | Woodstock, IL — 5 stars


"The absolute best! Delicious flavor and value! Won’t eat anything else :)"
- From Kim Marquette | Crystal Lake, IL - 5 stars


"The best meat ever. Great Family. Great Farm. We only buy our meat here!"

- From Dana Wendt | Madison, WI - 5 stars


"The only meat my carnivore husband will eat!"

- Jenny Bradshaw Sanchez - 5 stars

The Team behind the Dream

  • Bryce, Jennifer, Eliana, Kalena and Caroline Riemer
    Bryce, Jennifer, Eliana, Kalena and Caroline Riemer
    The Riemer Family Farm 3rd and 4th Generations
  • Kathie and Loren Riemer
    Kathie and Loren Riemer
    2nd Generation
  • Anastasia
    Marketing and Outreach
  • Tina Herrera
    Tina Herrera
    Egg Production

Take a Closer Look

Join us for a brief video tour of our farm and family, here in Brodhead, WI.