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Wild Caught Seafood

All items are wild caught from Alaska's pristine waters. No dyes. No preservatives. No fillers, no junk. Packed with healthy omega 3 fatty acids and harvested sustainably.

Maine Scallops

15-20 per package, 1 pound packages

King Salmon

6 oz portion
$0.35 savings
$12.50 $12.15

Sockeye Salmon

6 oz portion

Coho Salmon

6 oz portion

Keta Salmon

6 oz portion

Sablefish (Black Cod)

6 oz portion


8 oz portion
These seafood products are brought to you in partnership with Bering Bounty LLC.

All of these products are free of dyes, hormones, fillers, and preservatives. All of the fish are wild caught, meaning that they live a natural, captivity-free life. All processing and packaging is done in the USA - only frozen once in Alaska.