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King Salmon

King Salmon

6 oz portion

Our all time, best selling cut in the Seafood Collection!

Of all the salmon, King is the highest in Omega-3's. King Salmon ranges in color from very pink to white, depending on the individual fish's diet. Riemer Family Farm's salmon is sustainably harvested and wild caught in the Pacific waters of Alaska by Bering Bounty LLC.

Our salmon is flash frozen and vacuum seal packaged in 6 oz portions.

King salmon is a good choice for many cooking methods: grilling, boiling, sauteing, roasting, poaching and steaming. This fillet comes skin on and boneless. See Captain Mark's instructions on how to cook salmon from frozen here.

Photo by Bering Bounty LLC

"The salmon is the best tasting salmon I have ever prepared. I followed their recipe for cooking the salmon frozen, it was great." - David O.