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Best of the Farm Box

Best of the Farm Box

Sample the farm's best cuts!
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The Best of the Farm Box is our #1 seller. Why? It has...

  • Our most delicious, best selling cuts
  • The most variety and is the only box that has a little bit of all of the different proteins in it
  • The easiest to cook cuts - no technical cooking required to enjoy these meals
  • Incredible savings of 22% compared to retail
  • Unbeatable convenience of free shipping
  • The perfect restock size of 13 items for over 13 pounds of meat

The Best of the Farm Box is the best place to start if you're unsure, but it's also a great sampler to supply your family year-round, which is why it continues to be our #1 seller year after year.

This bundle includes:

*Bundle contents may vary depending on available inventory

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