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1/4 Beef

1/4 Beef

90 pounds
Farm Pick Up ONLY!
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This product is ONLY available for pick up on the farm. We will contact you after your order is placed to arrange pick up. Coupons do not apply.

** Contents may vary slightly based on individual product availability** Bones and organs available upon request.

2 Packages of Tenderloin Filet (2 steaks per package)

2 Packages of Ribeye Steaks (2 steaks per package)

2 Packages of NY Strip Steaks (2 steaks per package)

4 Sirloin Tip Steaks

2 Boneless Sirloin Steaks

2 Packages of Cube Steak

2 Rump Roasts

2 Chuck Roasts

2 Packages of 1/4 Pound Beef Burger Patties (4 patties per package)

2 Packages of 1/3 Pound Beef Burger Patties (4 patties per package)

2 Packages of 1/2 Pound Beef Burger Patties -1927 Specialty (2 patties per package)

4 Packages of Stew Meat

3 Packages of Short Ribs

3 Packages of Soup Bones

6 Packages of 95% Lean Ground Round (1 pound per package)

40 Packages of 85% Lean Ground Beef (1 pound per package)

+ a complimentary "S is for Soils Book!

360 - 4 ounce equivalent servings 

Save over $120 compared to full price individual cuts! Price and availability subject to change.

Take a virtual tour of the box by watching the video below.

How much space does it take up? Three canvas bags or three 12 X 12 X 12 (1 cubic foot) boxes, as shown below.