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Breakfast Sausage - Ground

Breakfast Sausage - Ground

1 pound package
$10.95 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Mild in flavor, our breakfast sausage is light and pleasant. Our breakfast sausage does not have a bright, spicy kick to it, making it more enjoyable for kids and others who may not like "spicy" foods.

Each package of Riemer Family Farm's ground pork is made from Berkshire breed hogs, raised outdoors on our family's farm with local, non-GMO feed for high quality, great tasting pork every time.

Our bulk breakfast sausage comes in 1 pound packages.

Perfect for biscuits and gravy or fried with eggs! Because of its mild seasoning, breakfast sausage is also great to use in place of ground pork in savory dinner dishes, too.

"I'm totally pleased with everything we've used so far. Made wonderful biscuits/gravy with the breakfast sausage." - Sharon J. from Google Reviews