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What do I do with my shipping packaging?

June 21, 2021

What can you do with the shipping materials from your order delivery? Check out some of the ideas and options below!


Consider picking up your order up on-farm to reduce the amount of shipping material needed.



  • Stickers and tape can be removed from boxes. Boxes can then be reused to ship your own packages, for arts and craft projects, or for storage.
  • We will accept undamaged, intact boxes for reuse.
  • Boxes can also be broken down flat and recycled at your local recycling pick up.

Ice packs:

  • Ice packs can be re-frozen and used just like any other ice pack: treating injuries, keeping food cold, and shipping perishable items. **Make sure to wrap the gel pack in a towel before applying to skin - our gel packs are colder than ice!**
  • You can also return gel packs to the farm, either returning them when you come to pick up your order on the farm, or you can mail them to us. We will sanitize and clean the gel packs before re-freezing them and sending them in a new order!


  • Liners can be used at home for picnics, mailing perishable items, etc.
  • You can return unmarked liners to our farm, as well


  • Paper can be reused for art projects or as a filler when shipping packages.
  • As always, you can recycle any paper products.


Recycle paper filler and boxes, along with any other unwanted papers you received in your order.


To mail shipping supplies to us for reuse, send to:

Riemer Family Farm

W2252 Riemer Rd.

Brodhead, WI 53520

or bring along with you when you pick up on the farm next. Thank you!

Ruby Sheaffer

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