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DIY Midwest Brat Board

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May 9, 2023

Charcuterie boards, snack boards, butter boards, and now....brat boards!

How to DIY your very own Brat Board

For maximum variety, you can include:

  • A variety of brat flavors
  • A few different pickles and sauerkrauts (or whatever you like)
  • Some different mustards
  • A few different buns (pretzel, brioche, hard roll, etc.)
  • Some grilled veggies to serve on the side (zucchini, peppers, corn...yum!)
  • Of course, cheese....because this is a Midwest board, remember.
  • Anything else you like to serve with your brats!

Steps to assemble:

1. Grill up the brats as you normally would (and veggies, too, if you like).

2. After the brats are cooked, slice a few of each flavor into appetizer sized discs or diagonals so people can enjoy a simple taste without necessarily taking an entire brat. Feel free to leave some brats whole on the side or as part of your display.

3. Arrange the different brat flavors onto a large serving board, sorted by flavor to keep things organized. Use a toothpick and paper to distinguish between, if needed.

4. Surround the brats with small dishes containing the mustards, krauts, and pickles.

5. Fill in other gaps with your bite size bits of bun, grilled veggies, cheese, and anything else you plan to include! Fresh sliced radishes, carrots, and other relishes make a great addition, as well.

6. Take a picture of your masterpiece, then serve and enjoy! :)

>> Shop our variety of brat flavors to get started with building your own board! Find a few boards available in the shop, prepared by a local friend who has salvaged some of the wood from our own farm to create these beautiful wooden serving boards.

These brats are ready to be sliced and served on a board with pickles, mustards, and all the rest!

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