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DIY Charcuterie (aka Grazing) Boards

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December 15, 2022

In the video below, we'll walk through step by step how we arrange one grazing board. Take note - there is no right or wrong way to do this and no 2 grazing boards will be alike! It should be as unique as you and your celebration with your guests that day.

1. Choose Your Base - Have a beautiful wood cutting board you want to show off? Or a simple holiday tray? Anything will do, really. Just be sure you have enough space (and edge height) for the items you want to include.

2. Types of Treats - Nuts, fruits, cheeses, crackers, spreads, pickles, meats...there are SO many possibilities. Which do you want to include? Having a variety of flavors lets guests customize their own flavor combinations and helps ensure there's something for everyone on your board.

3. Slice and Prep - Slice up your meats and cheeses in your desired shapes. Our specialty charcuterie salamis are best served when they're thinly sliced. Consider slicing and prepping the day before, so you're not pressed for time they day of. Sharp cheeses are best when sliced thinly or in wedges. Softer cheeses are great as cubes or thicker slices. Soft cheeses (like brie) are great as wedges.

4. Pick Your Pattern - Decide if you want waves of salami through the middle of your tray or maybe a cross design, etc. Start with one type of item - either small jars for spreads and itty bitties, or the meats, then move to the next. In our example above, we start by placing the empty dishes, then add the cheeses, then meats, followed by vegetables, fruits, then finally nuts, dried fruits, dips, and ferments! See it step by step above.

5. Enjoy! - Add serving utensils and let your guests go! We recommend assembling your board in place so you don't have to worry about moving it after (things might fall off, otherwise). Wash, prep, and cut all veggies, fruits, cheeses, and meats ahead of time to make assembling the board about 30-60 minutes before your guests arrive a stress free cinch!

6. Final Considerations - Grazing boards should be fun and stress free! You can use as little or as many items as you like and use a napkin to let items flow over the board if needed. Don't forget to consider common food allergies like gluten, nuts, etc! Items on the grazing board will touch each other, so it's important to keep allergies in mind. Have fun and enjoy! Comment with any of your own tips/tricks below. :)

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