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Another Turkey Season, Gone By

Yesterday was the busiest day of the year on our family’s farm. Thanksgiving turkeys are a great joy to raise, but they are not without work. Aside from ensuring them the best food and pasture, and quality of life, farming any animal, including these, entails challenges in logistics, meeting customer expectations, keeping strong communication with partners, and accepting unforeseen loss and hurdles.

You Vote Every Day, Not Just Election Day

Regardless of how election results turned out for you, there's hope. The elections don't stop here! You vote every day, 3 times a day, and you have a choice to elect a just food system that heals both the people and the planet. Take a few moments to watch this video and learn how you can keep change moving forward with your fork.

Top Quality Beef, Guaranteed

“The only meat my carnivore husband will eat!” is what Jenny Bradshaw Sanchez has to say about our meat. We take pride in our top quality beef - yes - the same beef that Jenny’s carnivore husband will only eat. But how do ensure every piece is as good as the review states? Well, it all starts with the ground.

Benefits of Rotational Grazing by Elli Riemer

Our 13 yr old daughter Elli had a research project assigned by her home school curriculum. This is the resulting research paper. We could not be more proud of her for the quality research she has done and the clear understanding she has of grazing and soil health. I'm not sure either Bryce or I could have done better!

Sustainable or Regenerative?

These farm buzz words are thrown out in conversations and advertising campaigns. These are tricky terms because they mean different things to different people. The term sustainable has been so overused in recent years that it seems to be almost meaningless. Everyone from Walmart and McDonald's to startup companies claim to be sustainable. Is sustainability really the best idea?

Spring Has Sprung!

The snow has FINALLY melted and the grass is starting to green up!  Read more to hear about our new pastures, our Monarch Butterfly habitat and other exciting news from around the farm!