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Top Quality Beef, Guaranteed

October 30, 2018

“The only meat my carnivore husband will eat!” - Jenny Bradshaw Sanchez

Posted on Riemer Family Farm Facebook Reviews


We take pride in our top quality beef - yes - the same beef that Jenny’s carnivore husband will only eat. But how do ensure every piece is as good as the review states? Well, it all starts with the ground. 

1.Good Feed = Good Meat.

We specially selected our seed mix to fit our soils, our landscape, and our animals. We follow organic principles, despite not being certified, and never spray our pastures with toxic chemicals. Instead, we use the natural healing power of diversity - in our seed mix and animal herds - to keep our pastures robust and thriving. The custom combination of seed and animals results in nutritious, abundant forage to keep all happy, healthy, and growing.

Our rotational grazing practices (keeping the cattle in smaller paddocks across the pasture and moving them daily) ensures that the cattle always have access to tall, abundant, nutrient dense forage. The controlled movement permits each paddock just a few hours of intense grazing, in trade for a 30+ day rest period - plenty of time for the plants to regrow, build up the soil, and accumulate more nutrients for the next grazing sweep.

2. Our steaks come from steers - not cull cows!

Ever buy a grass-fed steak from the store that wasn’t so delicious? Well, consider this - the average butcher age of a grass-fed beef in Wisconsin is 9 years old! Talk about tough! We butcher our steers at 18-24 months to ensure all of our steaks are well marbled, juicy, flavorful, and ready to fall apart at the cut of the knife.

3. Steak Security 

Tina, our market manager, works hard to take orders, pack them, sort through products, and keep inventory. She knows our freezers better than her own! In this, she keeps a diligent eye out to ensure you receive only the best products - packed with perfection from our processor to our store to your home.

4. Low Stress Life

Animals were born to be outside. And so, ours are. It’s simple. They live low stress lives outdoors, grazing grass as they were designed to do. This natural lifestyle helps them grow as they develop quality meat and flavor. 

The animal’s journey off of our farm is just as important as the one, on. Stress at slaughter (aside from being completely inhumane) is known to make meat tougher, quicker to spoil, and unflavorful. Our animals have just a short trip to a local, federally inspected processor in Lena, IL, where they are treated with care, patience, and respect in their harvest, to ensure the best for the animal, and you.

5. See it for yourself!

Our farm doors are open for you! Come by and see the farm, yourself. Meet your “meat” and know your farmer. We invite you to have a relationship with your food from our farm to your fork, to know that you and your family are truly eating the best. 

If you have any questions - let us know! We’re more than happy to help, always. Email us at Thanks!

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