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A lesson from the sunflowers

The sunflowers in our pollinator patch across the road are beginning to bloom. They already present a stunning tease for the magnificent show that is sure to come when they are all in full bloom over the next few weeks.

Gift Cards, the Gift of Good Meat

What better gift to give this season than good, quality meat? Show your friends and family the love with our Riemer Family Farm gift cards. Learn how to purchase, share, and redeem them here and share the love of a good meal (without having to cook it) with your loved ones.

Happy Grazing 2020

The most wonderful time of the year for us grass farmers is grazing time, which started this week. The chickens have already been grazing for a few weeks, but we consider the official start to the season the day we bring the cattle out. The cattle are just like "big dogs" as Farmer Bryce puts it. The steers from last year know exactly what to expect and look forward to and they very eagerly awaited the reeling back of the fence to let them into the pasture.   Watch them as they literally frolic into the grass! The sheep are just as much fun to put out on pasture, but they're a little different to move than cattle. We have a lot of new lambs that don't know where to go because they've never been on pasture before. It took a little bit for some of them to figure out that it was okay to leave the winter pen, but once they went, they loved it! We've got the action for you to see in these two quick videos. Pay attention to the frolicking in part 2! :) As the farm continues on, we added more young steers to our herd this week, too. They came from Nebraska and had never even dreamed of seeing as lush a pasture as ours. Oh and the summer pigs arrived! They'll help clean up the winter sheep barn while they wait for their turn to go out on pasture in just a little bit. And at the end of the day, everyone is happy. The pastures are peaceful and good work continues.  The best part of grazing is just enjoying it as it is. When there's a crazy day, there's nothing better than just taking a moment to sit in the pastures with the cattle, like I did here. Experience this moment of virtual zen with the cattle for yourself! Thank you for following along with us. We are thrilled to share these big farm updates with you. Please, let us know if you have any questions! Thank you! From our family to yours. ~The Riemers Oh! And, one more big thing happened this week, away from the field. We added a walk in freezer to our packing shed so we can more efficiently pack and deliver your orders to you. This was a big move that we're very excited to have accomplished! Thanks! Enjoy the weekend. :)

Welcome to the Farm - Roadside Tour

Thank you for picking up on the farm! Watch this roadside tour video before you arrive (or while you are waiting to pick up) to learn a little bit more about our farm. Hopefully you'll be able to see the cattle grazing on your drive. Watch the main video here. Key Points:On the right side of the road we have a "butterfly pasture" where we planted plants specifically to attract pollinators. On the left side of the road is a field where our local nursery planted native plants. We partnered with our local nursery to help benefit both our land and the nursery with native plants.Ahead to the right is the farm, where you'll pick up your order, and ahead to the left is Bryce's parents house, where you'll turn around and come back along the road.If you wanted to get an extra peek at the farm, you can take Hwy FF around the block where you will see the chicken pens from the road, where the chickens are grazing. Watch the bonus chicken video here.

Mother's Day Kittens!

Happy Mother's Day! Share the joy with our latest - new farm kittens! Click for video. Share with the cute and cuddly kitten lovers in your life!

Update on Pork Availability

In response to the recent headlines that some of the major meat processing plants are being shutdown in response to COVID-19, we wanted to send a prompt message to help you rest assured.

A Bright Future

This is a picture of a road. Our road, in fact. It’s Riemer Road. It’s not always easy to know if you’re on the right road; if you’re headed in the right direction....[Read more]

Baby Chicks

Take a look! It's spring on the farm, which means we are gearing up for another grazing season. While the pasture and grass is outside growing and getting ready to graze, we've got our first batch of baby broiler chickens inside the brooder, gearing up for the weeks ahead.

Are wetlands bad to have in your pastures?

Take a look as we walk through our pastures in the Spring. No, you won't see any cattle or sheep in this video, but you will see some other critters, that we are pretty proud to have in our fields. They're the reason we choose to farm regeneratively. Regenerative agriculture shares the land with critters like these.

Meal Planning for the Week

How often do you hear, "Mom, mom, what's for dinner?" I don't know about you, but I am not a meal planner, however, I still have to feed my family. This is how I decide what to feed my family that is healthy, tasty, quick, and easy while still sticking to a budget.