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Ordering Meat for Someone Else

May 5, 2020

We all want to help in times of need. For some, that means buying groceries for another or sending necessities to a loved one or a friend. 


If you are interested in sending meat from our farm to a family member or friend, please choose to do so by one of the options below. 

  • Create an account for them with their address and your billing information. You can always change the billing information and password later and "gift" them their account. *The website will not allow two accounts with the same email. If you want to keep it a surprise, you can enter a different email of your own for their account and change it later.*
  • Enter their address as the "Delivery Address" at checkout. But you'll have to remember to change it back on your account after the order is placed.

Why these ways? We are delivering meat at record volumes and customer care comes first for us. We hate to think of accidentally sending the wrong meat to the wrong person. This is an easy mistake to make though, when an order is placed for one person under another person's account.

In order to be sure that the wrong address isn't accidentally entered onto the shipping label, we ask that all guest orders be placed under the recipient's account. That way, we can be sure, too, that the address does in fact qualify for our 1 Day Ground option.

Please forward any questions to Thank you!

Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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