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[Updated] Farm Video Friday: Lambs, Track & Field Edition

May 2, 2020

People loved our last lamb tour [Featured Below], but we have a new, updated one for you here.

We know many sporting events long adored have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. Our girls were particularly disappointed to miss out on their track season this spring, however, they found a bit of joy in watching these lambs enjoy theirs.

You can watch it, too! Just click the video link below.

Share the love and link with the track fans in your life! Or anyone looking to watch a good sport show. :)

From April 3

 Lamb Recess

From March 27

Missed our first feature? See it here, where we took a previous sneak peak into the sheep barn to check in on how lambing went.

Thank you! Let us know what questions you have by commenting below.

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