Great Summer Grill Ideas

August 12, 2019

1.Grilled Pizza - Grill up some of our favorite Italian Links, slice them and throw them on your grilled pizza! That's right - if your family hasn't tried grilling pizza yet, give it a try! Just be sure you grill it over indirect heat (avoid flames). It may just be your family's new favorite summer tradition.


2. Pierogi Perfect Polish Sausage - Serve these all beef Polish Sausages with pierogis, veggies, and more for a traditional take on a north central European classic dish.

3. Tailgate Worthy Hot Dogs - Back by popular demand, our Beef Hot Dogs sport an incredible flavor with a snappy "New York" style casing, perfect for tailgating and parties with neighbors and friends!

4. Classic Grilled Chicken Breast - Seasoned with your favorite flavors, enjoy our classic Chicken Breasts on the grill. Pull the meat and enjoy on it's own or use in a fresh summer salad or sandwich for a juicy, delicious flavor.

5. Camp Favorite Ham Steak - Nothing beats a good ham steak on the grill with baked potatoes and grilled sweet corn! It's such an easy meal to make and so delicious! Serve up with some coleslaw and watermelon and you've got the taste of summer, set!


Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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