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Update on Pork Availability

April 13, 2020

In response to the recent headlines that some of the major meat processing plants are being shutdown in response to COVID-19, we wanted to send a prompt message to help you rest assured.

From field to fork, we have always taken the greatest care to raise a healthy, just, delicious, and nourishing product. That has not changed due to the crisis.

We are your farmers and we are here for you.

The major points that we want you to know are this:

  •  We have a healthy supply of pork available right now.
  • Our prices are set at the margin we need as a business to run and will NOT go up because of this crisis; i.e. we will not price gouge you.
  • We are continuing to raise and finish a variety of meat products including beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and eggs to keep inventory into the future.
  • Our butcher is a small, family run business that is well and continuing to operate.
  • You can order any of our meat products shipped directly to your door via FedEx 1 Day Ground.
  • We are HERE for you!

Thank you. Please message us with questions at

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