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How do I get text updates on my order shipment?

July 22, 2021

How to Receive Text Updates on Your Home Delivery Order

Wish you could get a text alert when your home delivery order has arrived instead of an email? Here's how!

1. After we pack your order, you'll receive a tracking number in an email from FedEx. Enter that tracking number into and select "Track".

2. From there, you'll see the current status of your order. Under the "To" description, select "See Full Details >"

3. Under the timeline, select "Get Status Updates"

4. A window will appear on the same page, just below. There, you can select the dropdown menu and select "Notify by - Text Message" instead of Email.

5. Enter your preferred phone number and which updates you'd like to receive and hit "Submit". That's it!

From there, FedEx will automatically send you a text message when your package is delivered. Check it out next time you place an order!

Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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