From field to fork, we proudly offer 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, and pastured pork, chicken, and turkey, and wild Alaskan seafood, for delivery direct to your door. Enjoy FREE shipping on orders $165+!
February 6, 2019 • 0 comment(s)
See how we make juicy delicious steaks in our own home. From the freezer to the skillet, and onto your plate, Jen walks you through the steps of searing the ultimate steak in two videos and these break down steps.
December 30, 2018 • 0 comment(s)
We raise beef, pork, lamb, chickens, turkeys, AND eggs. Wow. That's a lot! Yes...yes it is. Why do we have so many different animals? Well, aside from providing a variety of family favorite meats to our customers, our diverse menagerie of animals fulfill a variety of needs on our farmland. From the food they eat, to the nutrients they release, each type of animal has something unique to offer that can improve the health of the land and our customers.
December 29, 2018 • 0 comment(s)
Our meat contains no antibiotics, no hormones, and no steroids. Why? Because our mission is to provide top quality meat for families like yours; meat that not only tastes good, but is good for you, the animals, and the environment.

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