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Which Bacon is Best?

March 30, 2021

For all of the bacon fans out there, you may not realize it, but here at Riemer Family Farm, we offer 5 different types of bacon. Five different kinds? That's right! Have you tried them all? Which is your favorite? Learn the differences between each and which might suit you best, by reading below.

1. Original Bacon

Tried and true, original bacon is a classic, customer favorite. Cut to standard thickness, you can bake it or fry it to perfection and serve alongside eggs or pancakes. You can also use it to add extra flavor to other meals by wrapping turkey, chicken, asparagus in it, or topping a burger with it.

**Also available in 1/2 pound packages if you don't quite need a whole pound of bacon at a time.

2. Thick Cut Bacon

A step up from our original bacon, thick cut offers a denser, meatier version of the familiar favorite. Excellent on its own or in recipes.

3. Bacon Ends

A secret delight! Bacon ends are the "scraps" leftover after the original and thick cut bacons are sliced. They vary in size, shape, and fat content, which makes them a cheaper, but just as flavorful alternative to traditional bacon. We highly recommend using these in recipes where the shape of the bacon doesn't matter because you're just going to chop it up anyways, such as in soups, baked beans, salads, and more.

4. Cottage Bacon

Cut from the shoulder of the pork, cottage bacon is circular in shape and the leanest of the bacons. Cottage bacon is meatier than the other bacons, making it perfect for sandwiches or enjoying on its own if you're not a fan of fat, but love the bacon flavor.

5. Jowl Bacon

Cut from the jowls (or cheeks) of the pork, jowl bacon is unique in its flavor from the rest. Jowl bacon is the fattiest of the bacons and has a rich, almost smoky/sweet flavor different than traditional (from the pork belly). While they can be enjoyed cooked up as is like the other bacons, I personally love using jowl bacon as I would bacon ends, and cook with it. Jowl bacon is my secret ingredient to the BEST baked beans from scratch!

Which bacon is your favorite? How do you love to use it in recipes? Comment below, we'd love to hear! Thanks! :)

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