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Bacon Ends

Bacon Ends

1 pound package
$13.00 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Bacon ends are the "not quite so beautiful" bits of bacon that are left behind after the marvelous strips are packaged up. Cured without synthetic nitrates.

Each package of Riemer Family Farm's bacon ends are cut from Berkshire breed hogs, raised outdoors on our family's farm with local, non-GMO feed for high quality, great tasting pork every time.

Our bacon ends come in 1 pound packages.

They have all that bacon flavor you love, but in scrappy pieces at a value price. They are especially good to cook with, as they tend to have a bit more fat scraps than a typical pack of bacon.

Try this tasty, simple recipe for Quick Asparagus and Bacon (can use green beans or other green vegetables, as well).


pork, water, salt, brown and cane sugar, celery juice powder, sodium phosphate, natural spice extractives and sea salt.