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How do I feed my family healthy while on a budget?

October 2, 2020

We know how important it is to feed your family well, but sometimes, feeding multiple mouths can be difficult to do on a budget. We hear you! That's why we've put together some of our own money saving tips to help you and your household, too.

Check out our top 5 money saving tips below!

1.Make the Most of the Ground: Use Beef AND Pork

With two teenagers, two adults, and a growing youngster under our roof, one pound of meat is not enough. But making two pounds of meat each meal adds up quick. 

Here's a trick for you. If you prefer the richer flavor of beef, have a lot of mouths to feed, but need to stretch that dollar, consider cooking up 1 pound of ground beef with 1 pound of ground pork. This will stretch your dollar, fill your family's stomachs, and retain that rich beefy flavor you and your family love.


2.Cook once, eat 3-4 times: Family Packs of Ground Pork

Family packs of ground pork are one of the best money saving options we have. 

They'll help you save time, too, by making more than 1 meal at a time. Thaw the 5 pounds of pork, then instead of just cooking up one portion of meals, cook up the whole thing and portion what you don't eat into the freezer for future dinners. If your family only eats 1 pound of meat at a time, this leaves you 4 future dinners that you don't have to think about making! Just pull them out of the freezer and you're set. 

Further, you could make the whole pack into meatballs and freeze them so you can have an easy microwave meal on hand at all times. You'll save money this way, too. At about $28 for a 5 pound package, you could make 80 individual 1 oz meatballs for just $0.35 each. That's a lot of healthy, delicious meatballs for not a lot of money or time!

Alternatively, split the portions of ground pork and make multiple meals at once. Make meatballs with some of it for one meal, then sloppy joe or spaghetti for another meal, and tacos for the last.

Be creative! These family packs are real life savers for moms looking to save time and money when it comes to making meals.


3.Buy the Seasonal Bundle

The climate of the Midwest brings us changes in weather and changes in food favorites. That's why we change up our staple economy bundle every season. In summer, it offers easy grilling favorites. In winter, some soul warming bests.

This bundle is priced at $165 for about 20 pounds of meat (depending), so it not only stocks up your freezer, but it ships free, too!

The current season's bundle is packed with fall comfort favorites including roasts, smoked chops, already made bone broth, and bacon! See the details of our Autumn Savings Bundle here.


4.One bird, two meals

Whole chickens are one of the most economic cuts we offer. 

Not only do you get a quantity of healthy, delicious meat for your family's meal, but you can save the carcass and make incredible, nourishing bone broth from it, too. 

Simply boil down the carcass with some water, salt, veggie scraps, and you're set! Set it in the fridge for use later that week or freeze for a later use.


5.Your Family First

Of course, our loyalty program Your Family First, is another great way to save money! Members receive freebies, exclusive coupons (including an instant $20 coupon), and savings throughout the year plus first access to sales and events. 


Do you have some money saving tips? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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