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Your Family First Membership

Your Family First Membership

Good for 1 Full Year
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What is Your Family First?
Your Family First is our answer to ensuring you and your family continue to have access to the exceptional quality meats you love and trust.

By joining, you will:

Receive a $20 coupon towards your next purchase
Receive EXCLUSIVE coupons and savings throughout the year
Be notified about Thanksgiving Turkey availability FIRST
Receive updates on sales, events, and restocked products FIRST
Receive a FREE "S is for Soils" book
Receive a FREE self-guided farm tour
Have EXCLUSIVE access to 1/4 beef, 1/2 hog, and whole lamb bundles when available
Have EXCLUSIVE access to tenderloin fillets, skirt steak, flank, pork tenderloins, and baby back ribs**.
**These items will only be available to members of Your Family First due to limited quantities

Your benefits will begin the week after you enroll. A team member will upgrade your settings, granting you this special access.

Memberships are valid for a full year (365 days).

You will receive your $20 coupon towards your next purchase via email after we process your membership.

Additional Questions --

"Your sold out of many of my favorite pork and lamb cuts right now. Is there still a benefit for me to join?"

Absolutely! As a member, you'll be the first to know when these cuts are back in stock. That is one of the very reasons we started this program. We want you, our most loyal customers, to have primary access to your favorite products. 

"How long is my membership valid for?"

Memberships are valid for an entire calendar year/365 days from your enrollment start. We will send you a reminder email when it's time to renew in a year. Because this is our first time having a program like this, we wanted to start with just a 1 year enrollment.

"Why can't I order just a membership for home delivery?"

Please contact us at if you'd like to purchase a membership solely and we will work around the order minimum of $85 for you.

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