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3.5 pound bucket

Premium, Small Batch Lard

Made in small batches with only our premium heritage breed, berkshire pork, our lard is high quality and flavorful.

How it is Packed

Our lard is already rendered and conveniently packed into 3.5 pound tubs, so it is ready for use. Like most of our products, the lard comes frozen for freshness and quality.

Using Lard at Home

During use, you can keep it in the refrigerator. If you don't use a lot of lard at a time, you can scoop smaller amounts into a smaller container to keep in the refrigerator, then keep the main tub in the freezer for when you need more.

Popular Uses & Recipes

Lard is popularly used in baking flaky pastries and pie crusts. It's the only thing Grandma Riemer will use - she swears by it!

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Lard can also be used as a healthy cooking fat for pan frying, sauteeing, etc. You can even melt it and use it like you would coconut oil for baking.

>> Try this recipe for Fudgy Lard Brownies.

The "smoky" flavor of the lard can come through in some recipes, but it is the perfect substitute for already flavorful baked goods like fudge brownies.

Of course, lard has also been used through the years in making handmade soaps to add lather and durability to the bars.