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Heritage Pork: Ham

No hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids. Seasonally raised on pasture. Supplemented with non-GMO locally milled grain mix.

Avg. 1lb .

Small Ham Roast

Perfect for a Sunday dinner 2.5-3lb
Avg. 2.8lb .

Medium Ham Roast

6 - 7 pounds
Holiday Favorite $1.65/lb. savings
Avg. 6lb .

Large Ham Roast

8 - 9 pounds
Post holiday savings! $3.85/lb. savings
Avg. 9lb .

X-Large Ham Roast

17 pounds
Post holiday savings! $4.05/lb. savings
Avg. 17lb .
Our pigs are raised on pasture and rotated across the winter livestock area to help graze and turn over cover crops. While raised on pasture, they are supplemented with non-GMO grain from our local mill.