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Sandwich Ham

Sandwich Ham

$12.00/lb. Avg. 1lb .
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Thin sliced sandwich ham in 1 pound packages. Ready to eat, and perfect for any sandwich! Or fry up for breakfast. Throw some cheese on there and you're set! :)

Q: The beef sticks, salami, and ham say Uncured. Do I have to cook them?

A: No. Our beef sticks, ham, and bacon are all cured, but without nitrates. Instead, our processor uses a celery juice. Because they are not processed with nitrates, the processor has to label them as "uncured", even though they are cured and safe to eat without cooking them. Because they do not contain preservatives, we do recommend they be refrigerated and used within a week for best quality.


pork, water, salt, brown and cane sugar, celery juice powder, sodium phosphate ,natural spice extractives and sea salt.