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Meal Planning for the Week

February 25, 2020

What to eat for the week?

From one parent to another, I know your kids (or husband) have asked you, "Mom, mom, what's for dinner? Mom?"

Don't get me wrong - I love my kids (and my husband), but after a long day of work, making dinner is the last thing on my mind.

Truth is, I am not a meal planner. Some moms can do it (and that's great!), but I cannot.

I often rely on the Instantpot and whatever happens to be on top of the freezer for making dinner decisions.

That method actually works out pretty well - you'd be surprised at what you can make in a pinch! But it only works if you have the right staples in your freezer to start with.

Despite having a suite of meat available for us to choose from, we do keep our own family stash separate and it's definitely NOT all ribeyes as one might imagine. Ha! :)

Instead, we shop from our "Price Cut Cooler" for discounted items that are tasty, healthy, quick, and easy to make. Take a look, I'll share some of my secrets to getting through the madness of the week while still feeding my family well and on a budget!

We hope it helps you other busy moms and dads out there feed your family well on the fly.

Enjoy, and please - if you have some pro tips on feeding your family well in a hurry, comment and share. We'd love to hear!

PS: Did you see our recommended list of freezer staples? They're our family's favorite staples...our go to list of easy to make *keyword EASY - this is important for busy families* midweek meals when everyone has different places to be and things to do.

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