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Fall Freezer Prep Checklist

August 31, 2020

Inventorying your freezer? Here's a few helpful tips to see what you and your family need to stock up for the fall and winter ahead. 

Tips to start:

Eat what's oldest first. We recommend about a year for how long meat should keep at optimal quality in the freezer. For cured cuts like bacon and ham, we recommend 6 months.

Have a variety. Change it up! Have some chicken, some beef, maybe even some lamb on hand to keep dinners interesting throughout the week.

Consider dietary needs. Are you limited by red meat? Consider which proteins are best for your family. Chicken, fish, pork, beef, lamb.

Think in categories. There will be times when you need a quick dinner and when you want a cozy, comfy traditional dinner. Check out our breakdown of categories below to help you plan for what needs you and your family might have ahead.


1.Dinner Dilemma Saves

What items do you have on stock for quick dinner needs? Our ground beef, pork, and lamb bundles are perfect for a quick dinner fix! Tacos, spaghetti, casserole; ground meat saves dinner. Breakfast sausage and bacon make for easy dinner saves, too. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

Ham steaks and smoked pork chops are the perfect dinner save. They're cured, so easy to pull out of the freezer, heat up, and enjoy with little to no preparation needed.

Salmon, pollock, and sablefish are all best when cooked from frozen. Have a few on hand to make dinner in a pinch.

Have an InstantPot or pressure cooker? Chicken breasts and thighs make a perfect dinner save, too. We often set them in the cooker from the freezer and have an Instant meal in just an hour!


2.Lunch and Snack Essentials

Headed out for a picnic lunch, a hunting trip, or need some healthy snacks for your lunch boxes? 
Check out our MSG and nitrate free summer sausage, salami, and assortment of beef sticks.


3.Slow Cooker Bests

Make dinner easy on yourself - set up the slow cooker! Sloppy joe, pot roast, ribs, cheesy casserole, lasagna; whatever you and your family enjoy most, check your freezer to see if you have what you need. Our family packs of ground pork are perfect to make a big batch of BBQ to last a few meals.

4.Fall Comfort Favorites

Rump roast, chili, stew, brats, hot dish and casseroles. Which is your family's favorite? Do you have what you need to cook up a warming, delicious, wholesome family meal on the perfect fall day? How about bacon ends for the perfect creamy potato soup?

Breakfast sausage and bacon makes for an amazing Sunday brunch, as well.

Turkey bone broth is not only a super food, but a dinner and lunch save. Make a simple soup easy with this already made broth. If you'd prefer, cook up your own broth with soup bones, neck bones, or chicken feet.

Lard makes the perfect pie crust for chicken pot pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, shepherd's pie - any pie! Do you have the ground meat or chicken you need for that?


Thanks for reading! We hope it helps. Find all of the above cuts in store here.

Leave us your comments below! :)

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