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Uncured Pepperoni

Uncured Pepperoni

4 oz package, sliced
Pizza Classic
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Your pizzas will never be the same after you try our pasture-raised pepperoni. 

This special pepperoni is made of 50% of our own grass-fed beef and 50% pasture-raised pork, unlike most pepperonis which are made only with pork. Furthermore, the pepperoni, made in small batches, is fully fermented and dried, not cooked.

The resulting pepperoni is packed with just the right kick of spice. Thinly sliced, it’s perfect for charcuterie boards, pizza toppings, or sandwich additions. We love making grilled cheese with pepperoni to dip in tomato soup! 

Hand-crafted by Driftless Provisions.



Pork, beef, sea salt, water, dextrose, spices, swiss chard powder, lactic acid, starter culture