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Maine Scallops

Maine Scallops

15-20 per package, 1 pound packages
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Brought to us by Captain Mark of Bering Bounty LLC in Madison, these scallops are wild caught from Maine.

Scallops are packaged in one pound packages, roughly 15-20 scallops per package.

Captain Mark describes them as, "Our scallops are very special. Apart from being wild and tasting wonderful - they are absolutely 100% 'dry'. What does that mean? That there are no chemicals whatsoever added to them. Just the scallop! It took us almost four years to find an independent collective of day-boat fishermen & women who checked all the boxes for us...this was the single most important, & most elusive. Did I mention that they are succulent, juicy & unparalelled in taste!?! They sear wonderfully in only a few minutes from thawed." 

Photo by RODNAE Productions