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Why choose wild caught Alaskan seafood?

January 28, 2021

It all began at the off farm frozen storage warehouse where we keep most of our products.One of the days we were there, we crossed paths with Captain Mark of Bering Bounty LLC and began talking.

It turns out Captain Mark has a lot of the same values that we do - transparency, sustainability, and of course, healthy, clean all natural meat with no added junk.

The only difference is that he harvests his products from the sea. As he put it, "Our fields are a lot alike, mine just has a lot more water on it!"

Take a look here to meet Captain Mark and enjoy one of his favorite photos from his voyages in wild Alaska.

So what exactly is it about Bering Bounty that caught our attention?

We pride ourselves in providing you and your family with exceptional pasture raised meats. When we started talking fish with Captain Mark, we realized his values fit in line just as well with ours.

No dyes

Most farmed salmon that you find in the store has been fed an artificial version of the pigment Astaxanthin, which wild caught salmon naturally acquire from eating krill, which gives them vibrant coloration and makes their flesh pink to red in color.However, this artificial version does not offer the same level of antioxidant health benefits that the wild and natural version does.


Sodium tripolyphosphate. Used as a cleaning detergent, a tanning agent, and an aid in metallurgy and petroleum refining. Oh, and it's also in store bought fish and chicken as a preservative.You'd recognize it as the milky substance that emerges when you cook those cuts of meat - but that's not natural!

Bering Bounty's fish is entirely free of STPP so you're only paying for clean, quality meat - no additives or water weight. Just the clean taste of the Bering Sea!

No Antibiotics

Even industrial fish farms, the overuse of antibiotics to keep overcrowded fish populations healthy is a major issue.However, this wild caught Alaskan salmon is part of the natural ecosystem and doesn't contain any of that.

Full of Healthy Omega 3s

You probably already know how important fish is as a source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain and heart health.Bering Bounty's wild caught salmon is a tremendous source of this essential fat, which you'll also find in our 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as our other pasture raised products.

Further, Bering Bounty LLC follows the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game's stringent regulations for fish quotas and is frozen once in Alaska to maintain optimal quality and freshness. Bering Bounty products are All American; caught, processed, and packaged entirely in the USA.

Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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