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Visiting the Farm [Updated]

March 11, 2019

Come on out to the farm! :) We welcome visitors throughout the year during our on-farm store hours. We also welcome you to join us for various on-farm social events, including the Soil Sisters Weekend in August!

When you're gearing up for your visit, please review these guidelines to ensure you and your family have everything you need to have a positively wonderful and authentic farm experience!

  1. We love dogs, but we are a working farm, and we keep two guardian dogs to protect our sheep and livestock. They are friendly, but we ask that you please do not bring your family's pets with you to avoid any potential conflicts.

  2. Bring boots! Our farm is in the country and can be quite muddy depending on the weather. Consider bringing a different set of shoes that can afford to get a little muddy to avoid bringing mud into your vehicle.

  3. Bring a cooler to transport your frozen meats and eggs home with you, especially if you have further to travel.

  4. We try to reduce the amount of plastic we use and so we encourage the use of reusable shopping bags. We have some available for purchase in store, as well, in case you forget yours!

  5. Have your camera ready! Travelling to the farm is about more than just picking up meat and saving in the price cut cooler - it's about creating memories, too! The kids LOVE to have their photos taken posing on the ATV, cuddling with kittens, and running through the fields. Birds, bees, lambs, cattle, tractors, and more - bring your lens and capture what captivates you!

**Please visit the tour ticket page for updated information/guidelines.**

Thank you, again, for your cooperation! We appreciate it and look forward to your visit, soon! Thanks! :)

Questions? No problem! Send us a note at or by phone at 608-897-6295 and we'll be happy to answer.


During this time, due to COVID-19 we are offering SELF GUIDED farm tours. Tickets are $15 for a family/carload. We will continue to update you as new information becomes available. More information available here.

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