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The Story behind the 1927

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July 13, 2022

We often receive the question - what's a 1927 Burger? And why is it called the 1927?

Our custom 1927 Burger goes above and beyond your standard ground patty. 

The 1927 is comprised of brisket, sirloin, rib tip, and chuck all ground and pressed together into a perfect half pound burger. 

In the early days of our farming career, Bryce and I took a break from the farm to enjoy a date night out together. We ordered the special pub burger that was on the menu that night and a few bites into discussing our farm dreams and plans for the next year, we tasted LOVE.

LOVE for the tenderness and exquisite flavor of that juicy pub burger patty, which we knew then, our customers deserved to taste, too.

And so, we worked with our processor to create this special patty, pressed with the superior quality and flavor that only a 100% grass-fed, regeneratively raised beef cattle can deliver, so that the families we serve could enjoy an incredible, elevated burger from a farmer they trust, as well.

But why 1927?

Our farm's beef legacy began in 1927; the year that Bryce's grandfather boldly left the dairy barns behind to start a new legacy of high quality beef that has continued through today. He bought his first herd of Hereford beef cattle in 1927, which Bryce's father continued, and we do, too, alongside other high quality grazing beef breeds like white parks and angus.

From Bryce's grandfather, to his father, to us, and onto our daughters and theirs' to come, our farm is focused on family, community, quality, and care; all of which is reflected in the exceptional flavor and value of our products.

Tina is a big fan of our 1927 Burgers. She says, "They are amazing! My husband and I love them, but make sure you take the care to cook them right. They are not a standard beef patty so don't just throw them on the George Foreman and walk away. Be sure to thaw them ahead of time and have the grill hot and ready before you set them on. And don't overcook them! Medium is best for this amazing burger!"

Have you enjoyed the 1927 specialty burger before? Add your feedback below! Thanks :)

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