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How we move our cattle every day

June 25, 2020

Bryce and I decided to go grass-fed when we took over the family farm and to raise our beef in a way that promotes the health and wellness of people, animals, and the planet.You see, it's not just about being "grass-fed" that makes our beef more delicious and nutritious.

It's about the way we move them. This rotational grazing method (seen in the video below) guarantees the cattle will always have lush, nutrient dense pasture to graze, which results in the incredible, clean, healthy, and exceptional quality products you have come to know and love.

Take a look below as Anastasia joins Ellie and Avery in the field to see just how we make this movement happen every day, twice a day.

As you see, this controlled management and movement of our cattle herd helps to ensure that we protect our pastures and help build up healthy nutrient dense soils, which in turn produce, healthy, nutrient dense meats.

Let us know if you have questions below. Thanks!

Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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