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Rainfall Resistance

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October 2, 2019

Our perennial pastures are holding up well and the animals are staying happy and healthy, despite the rain.

The key to this success and resilience in the weird weather truly comes down to our pastures and management decisions.

Our pastures are seeded with perennial plants that keep the ground covered year round, which helps keep the water and soil on our farm. It prevents the soil from running off or eroding.

We actually have a video demonstration of this from our Soil Sisters "In Her Boots" workshop in August that was produced by the Natural Resources Conservation Service Rainfall Simulator.

The image below shows our older pasture on the left and our newer pasture second to the right. The other soil plots are from the conventionally tilled, monocrop fields.


The jars sitting on the ground in front show how much water ran off of the field samples. You can see the conventional fields had quite a bit, whereas our two pastures (one older, one new) had no run off.

The jars hanging under the table show how much water is infiltrated (soaked) into the ground. Our pastures absorbed a lot, which will go towards replenishing the water table, instead of running off into the creek and eventually to the Gulf of Mexico.

The difference in land management is astounding!

After we saw this, ourselves (and trust me, we were nervous to test it, too) we sleep much better at night knowing that our farm management practices (grazing cattle, planting cover crops, rotating the animals across the pastures, seeding perennials, etc.) is truly helping to heal the land.

But none of that would be economically feasible without your support. That's where your steak comes into play - you make it possible to farm in a better way.

Thank you for that!

You can see a glimpse of the simulator in action yourself, below.


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