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Raising Chickens and Eggs on Pasture

December 16, 2019

We are proud to partner with Tina of Tina's Flock to produce exceptional tasting, pasture raised eggs on our farm.

The hen house used to house the chickens is essentially a greenhouse on skids with no floor, so the hens are always on grass. The chickens are free range and guarded/protected by two livestock guardian dogs (Cassie and Leo). This, and the electric fence you see, help to keep them safe from predators.

No cages. No antibiotics. No hormones. No concrete floor. The chickens live happy, healthy lives foraging and nesting as they naturally would.

The laying hens follow the same "regenerative" farm practices that all of our other livestock do. This means, that they help build and protect the pastures by rotationally grazing.

Moving the henhouse every day helps rotate the birds across the pasture to keep them, and the pasture itself, healthy. The birds always have new forage to eat and their manure is spread naturally so it can be broken down and utilized.

Did you know? Chickens are omnivores, which means they naturally eat both plants and other animals. We strive to manage our animals naturally, and so, our hens are also omnivores. They forage for insects, grass, and even small mammals like mice in the pasture to live natural, healthy lives.

In the winter, we park the hen house and bring the rolling sides down to protect the birds from the elements. The greenhouse build of it helps keep them warm and secure through Wisconsin winters.

Once Spring arrives, we use a tractor to move the henhouse and progress into every day moves as Summer approaches and the pasture is more lush and full.

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