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Non-traditional Holiday Dinners

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December 17, 2019

Our family has decided to pursue a non-traditional Christmas dinner of tacos this year and for fun, we thought we'd see if anyone else is, too. We were so surprised at the results! It seems like quite a few folks enjoy an alternative dinner. 

We had fun reading what other families enjoy at their holiday dinners, so we thought we'd share it with you, too. Enjoy!


1.Tacos - We aren't the only family enjoying tacos this year! It'll be a feliz Navidad for many of our followers this holiday season, tacos in hand.

2. Gyros - Because why not? They're pretty much a Greek taco. :)


3. Lasagna - This is a good one - you can feed a lot of people with a little work and most of it can be prepared ahead of time so really when it comes to Christmas day, all you need to do is pop it in the oven and you're free to enjoy the day with your family. **Although we were told she didn't hear the end of it for 5 years - maybe consult with your family before deciding to go non-traditional.**

4. Stuffed Shells - A similar idea to lasagna; quick, easy, done ahead of time, and most of all - delicious!


5. Brats, Burgers, and Chicken - One family shared that they enjoy a summer cookout for Christmas. The snow and cold can't stop them from enjoying a good grill-out!

6. Raclette Bar - Raclette is a melty swiss style cheese that can be enjoyed on a special grill with assorted meat and veggies. We enjoy racletting over New Year's, ourselves. It's similar to fondue, but with a little different flavor and a little less mess.

7. Chinese Take Out - For New Year's Eve, one family shared that they enjoy Chinese take out and a family viewing of A Christmas Story.

Thanks for everyone who shared with us!

Do you have your own non-traditional traditions that you'd like to share? Comment below! We'd love to hear them. :)

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