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7 Last Minute Summer Must Have Meals

August 9, 2022

Before Summer's out, be sure you're geared up with the best of the season's eats! This is our list of recommended season bests:

1. Uncured Snack Sticks

Perfect for a road trip, day trip, or snacking by the poolside, these uncured pork snack sticks are full of flavor, nitrate free, and shelf stable, making them easy, convenient, and a healthy snack for busy summer days on the go.

2. Flavored Brats

If you and your family have a camping trip coming up, don't forget the brats! Anastasia's go to meal when camping is cheesy brats over the campfire. Pick your favorites from cheese, jalapeno cheddar, pizza, and original flavored brats. Of course, they're incredible over the grill, too! :)

3. Beef Hot Dogs

An American classic that we only have made for the Summer season, our beef hot dogs are SO tasty encased with a snappy casing!

4. Charcuterie Party Platter

Whether you're hosting or attending a backyard bash, a party platter of charcuterie and local award winning cheese is the way to go! Arrange with your family's favorite hard salamis (spicy chorizo, classic saucisson sec, tasty loukanika), fruit, veggies, nuts, crackers, and cheeses and you are set for the perfect party.

5. Kabob Meat

With zucchini, onions, and peppers coming fresh from the garden and farmer's market, now is the PERFECT time to soak the skewers and grill up summer best kabobs. Kabobs make for a fun family dinner that can be customized with beef or chicken. Marinade in your favorite flavors for an exquisite summer grill treat!

6. Pulled Pork/BBQ Sandwich

Who doesn't love a backyard BBQ? This is one that cannot be overlooked before Summer is out. Pork shoulder/butt roasts, beef brisket, whole chickens, or even classic ham roast; they are perfect on the smoker or slow cooker. Pulled apart, smothered in sauce, and served alongside your favorite cole slaw and sweet summer fruit....delicious!

7. Juicy Pork Chops

Really. wether you go bone in or boneless butterfly, you can't go wrong. Juicy and SO flavorful, if you haven't had a pork chop on the grill yet this summer, you need to! Grill up some peaches and pineapple while you're at it for a summer sweet pairing.

Bonus #8: Bacon

I started the list with 7, but couldn't bring myself to leave crispy bacon off the list, because what says summer more than a BEAUTIFUL BLT sandwich with garden fresh tomatoes!? We'll dive more into tomato's favorite meat pairings in next week's blog post.

Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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