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Top 7 tips for how to grill a juicy grass-fed burger

April 26, 2022

The care we put into raising such an exquisite 100% grass-fed beef burger doesn't stop in the pastures, but continues in the kitchen (or the backyard), too.

The key word here? Gentle. 

Cooking your 100% grassfed burger requires less heat, and less time. If you’re used to putting the grill or the burner on nearly maximum heat, you should turn it down a notch or two for 100% grassfed beef. On each side, try cooking 20 seconds less than you would for typical beef. 

With those guidelines out of the way, here’s our favorite way to cook up a burger. We won’t mess with your magic if you already have a recipe, but here’s our method.

1) Form patties slightly wider than your bun and about half an inch thick.

2) Heat up a cast iron, other pan or grill over medium-high heat. Remember, 100% grassfed needs slightly lower heat.

3) When the pan is hot, add neutral oil or fat, enough to coat the bottom of the pan and let heat up for a minute or two. Skip this step if you are using a grill.

4) Gently add the patty and listen for a sizzle. Set a timer for 3 minutes. Don’t fuss: keep the fat in by leaving that patty alone.

5) Salt the top of the patty, then flip. Set another timer for 3 minutes. Remember grassfed needs less cooking time.

6) Salt this side, then add the cheese at the 1:30 mark. 

7) Let rest for one minute. Top with your favorites. Enjoy! 

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