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Happy Labor Day

August 29, 2019

Farming is hard work.

Really hard.

There are the obvious animals to manage and care for, but there’s the pastures and soil, wildlife and habitat, the buildings, vehicles, employees, and of course, the business enterprise and all its relationships, too. 


The list of “must get done now” never really ends.

We put together an impressive team to tackle it all over summers – a few seasonal employees, our full time employees Tina and Anastasia, some friends and volunteers here and there, and of course, our own family.

Even with that suite, we stretch thin over long hours and full weeks.

But – they are good hours and good weeks.


Sure, things go wrong. You can expect that regularly in farming, but for as often as things go wrong, they more often go right.

It’s truly been an incredible summer on the farm.

We’ve put away a lot of hay and finished some premium steers. We hosted Soil Sisters “In Her Boots”, sharing our farm and all we know with over 70 female farmers. We’ve fine focused on our business and made essential improvements to keep it running strong into the future.


We have so much to be proud of and thankful for this Labor Day, and included in that, is you.

YOU are the reason we put in long hours and hard days.
YOU are the people we think of when we make management decisions.
YOU are the ones who motivate us to do our best, each and every day.

Because farming is about family and community, and you are a significant part of ours.

So take it easy this Labor Day – celebrate your own accomplishments and reflect on the great triumphs you’ve overcome this summer.

You work hard, too, and should be proud of what you do for your family and your community.

However you celebrate the holiday, enjoy! You’ve earned it.

Happy Labor Day! Thank you.

We'd love to hear more about what you and your family loved, achieved, overcame, celebrated, etc. this summer. You can share below, in the comments ????

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