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How do we ship our products to your door?

March 17, 2021

To celebrate this special 1 year anniversary of home delivery, Anastasia put together the quick video below that gives you a special look inside our packing shed to see firsthand how each box is packed with care from week to week.

The race to safely get our products to people through the start of the pandemic was intense. 

Demand skyrocketed as store shelves were left empty and headlines exposed just how fragile our food system was.

It also exposed how adaptable and resilient small farms like our own can be, especially in times of crisis.

Not only did we have a healthy supply of the products people needed, but we had already been developing a safe, convenient way to deliver them directly to people's doors.

We had done the research and ran the trials, so when the time came to deliver, we were ready.

We knew the risks of shipping, but we also knew we were part of a special community, brimming with support, so we proceeded with confidence.

After 1 year, I'm proud to say that home delivery continues to be a great success!

Take a look at the numbers, yourself!

Now, that’s not to say that there’s never been a hiccup, but, again, it’s about community and having that special 1:1 relationship with us that you won't find at big box grocery stores.

On the few occasions (less than 1% of all of our deliveries) that something has gone awry, we have always made it right. Not one order has ever gone unfulfilled. Never.

Why? Because we promise to not only deliver exceptional products, but exceptional service, too.

As we celebrate this great milestone together, we encourage you to spread the word!

Forward this blog post to a friend who would love a little more convenience and community in their life.

Tell them about your experience with us and let them know that we will have their back, too, just as we’ve had yours!

You can even send them your special referral link along with this email to get both of you store credit when they place their first order. 

Thanks for everything! We look forward to getting to know some of the special people in your life. :)

Anastasia Wolf-Flasch

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