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Large Ham Roast

Large Ham Roast

8-10 pounds
$12.95 /lb.
Avg. 9 lb.

A larger roast; perfect for holiday gatherings and celebrations. Figure about 3/4 pounds per person serving size. Roast is bone in and unsliced. Cured without synthetic nitrates and cut from our Berkshire breed hogs.

Our large ham roast is bone in and varies in size from 8-10 pounds.

The perfect roast for holidays and celebrations! Roast with your family's favorite glaze and serve alongside your family's favorites. Easily cook in the slow cooker or roast in the oven for a quaint dinner or celebration.

"Our family agreed, best Easter ham ever. We are a fan." - Submitted by a customer



pork, water,salt, brown and cane sugar, celery juice powder, sodium phosphate, natural spice extractives and sea salt.